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RMCG supports Ericsson's Young Professionals program

April 15, 2014

RMCG actively supported Ericsson Russia & CIS's efforts to introduce the Company's Young Professionals program.  The initiative is geared towards students graduating from technical universities who are participating in the MIREA university's Open Job Fair.  Successful candidates were provided with a unique opportunity to study and work in Ericsson's service departments in its Moscow office.  Interns were involved in solving day-to-day practical problems, as well as  supporting current Ericsson projects side-by-side with the Company's team of leading international experts. 

Ericsson is a world leader in the area of communication technologies and services. The company develops and promotes the concept of the Networked Society where technologies connect everything that can be connected.  Long-term relations between Ericsson and the largest telecommunication operators of the world allow people, companies and organisations to fully unlock their potential and provides them with the stability and confidence to continue to excell in the future.  Their services, software and infrastructure for mobile communication, broadband access and “cloud” solutions help companies from the telecommunication industry and other branches to increase the efficiency of business, improve the quality of the user experience and open a wide range of new possibilities.

Robert May on Russia Today TV Program

January 28, 2014

On January 28, 2014, RMCG's Managing Partner Robert May participated in a discussion on the Russia Today TV Channel's “On The Money” program.  The focus of the discussion was on the potential for economic growth in Russia, trends and barriers to investment and areas where reforms are essential.  Moreover, the panelists  exchanged opinions on the then upcoming winter Olympic Games in Sochi and steps that were taken to attract investors to Russia prior to the Olympics. 

With its first channel launched in December 2005, the RT network now consists of three global news channels broadcasting in English, Spanish and Arabic. RT provides an alternative perspective on major global events, and acquaints international audiences with the Russian viewpoint. 

RMCG и Ericsson

November 19, 2013

With the informational support RMCG, Ericsson presented its results of the report on the mobile broadband market for November 2013 during their press breakfast, where they discussed not only the prospects of the development of mobile technologies and user devices, but their use in various cities around the world, including Moscow and St. -Petersburg.

Mikaeil Bjorling joins Open Innovations Forum 2013

November 01, 2013

November 1, 2013 - RMCG organized the participation of Mikael Bjorling,  Consumer Behavior Expert at Ericsson ConsumerLab and an official Ericsson Networked Society Evangelist, at the Open Innovations Forum 2013 in Moscow, Russia. The session's title was "Smart devices and portable gadgets: How the Internet of Things is changing the world". Mr. Bjorling, a smart devices guru at Ericsson,  showcased the company's leadership role in innovations in the ICT sphere and the role of networks and devices in the digital world. The session was moderated by Ralph Simon, CEO and Founder of Mobilium Global, and included high level speakers from Adidas, RVC, Yota Devices, Misfit Wearables, Google and Applied Research Center for Computer Networks.

Media-training for Rockwell Automation

October 25, 2013

October 25, 2013 - RMCG held media-training for top management and speakers Rockwell Automation - the world's largest company in the field of industrial automation and information management, the main activities of which - increasing the productivity of enterprises and contributing to sustainable development in the world.

Impact of drugs on longevity in Russia

October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013 - With the support of RMCG, leading industry association InPharma hosted a roundtable event for Russian media that addressed the positive role of innovative drugs on extending longevity in Russia.The discussion focused on the research results of Professor Frank Lichtenberg, world renowned researcher from Columbia university in New York. The discussion level was high and resulted in numerous articles in key business and healthcare media in Russia. 




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